We live in a society where packaging is a big part of what consumers will buy. However, more people are becoming well aware of the damages and the volume that packaging creates for our environment. As a result, they are looking for items that offer biodegradable packaging. More companies are offering this to show their support to the environment as well as to appease their current customers. At the same time, they realize this gives them an edge over their competitors when it comes to gaining new business.

You may already know that packaging from the biodegradable materials are made from renewable resources. Yet there are other benefits that they offer which you may not know about. Over time, they will completely decompose so there will be no remaining trace of them. These packages also are free from any harmful chemicals that can erode the soil or eventually end up in water resources. They don’t have plastic coating, and they often can be made with very little energy.

Bio Degradable Packaging Equals Less Waste

If you are still under the impression that green packaging isn’t going to make a difference for the environment, you are mistaken. Think for a moment about the amount of waste that your own family offers into your trash can. Then think about how much you toss out when you are at work or other locations. It adds up daily, so think about the contribution over a week, month, and even a year.

Changing to being a consumer that purchases items with biodegradable packaging  is a great way to make a difference. You can search for the list of certified compostable products at BPIWorld.org so that you can reduce the environmental pollution.

If you are not willing to give up some of your favorite products from certain companies, let them know what you are interested in. If enough consumers tell them that they would like to see eco friendly packaging products, it may not be far into the future before they offer it.

Change we can Embrace                                                   

Technology behind environmentally packaging is very interesting. While plenty of it is complex, some of it is explainable in simple terms. For example, it is made from the use of mainly corn for the packages in a plant. This is up against the standard practice involved with packaging with oil based plastics. Today, oil is very expensive so it is the perfect time for a company to embrace new ideas.

In this video below, Eben Bayer, the creator of the mushroom-based renewable form of packaging grown in the laboratory explains how he creates this environmentally friendly products.

Moving Forward

The concept of biodegradable packaging is here to stay, not a trend that will pass any time soon. In fact, some of the larger retailers such as Wal-Mart offer tons of products with this type of packaging to their consumers. Today, approximately 20% of the packaging used out there is biodegradable.

According to the experts, that percentage should continue to increase annually in the future. This is because of the improvements that are being conducted for bio-plastics. The fact that the production of such packaging will be able to be done for less is also important. The role that consume demand plays in such a change shouldn’t be underestimated.

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