Proecss of Geothermal Energy – How Geothermal Power Plant Works

Geothermal energy is another form of alternative energy.  It is simple and clean renewable energy. This form of energy is naturally produced by the Earth over thousands of years of rainwater seeping through the cracks in the earth’s surface and collects in the underground reservoirs.   Electricity is being generated from the superheated fluids in the reservoirs through geothermal power plants.  This process provides constant supply of electrical power with minimal environmental impact to homes and businesses.

The video below explains the basic process of geothermal energy generation through geothermal power plants.

The above video explains the basic process of geothermal energy generation through geothermal power plants.

The water in the underground  reservoir  is heated to high temperature by magma.  In order to reach the heated fluid, the well is drilled below at 10 thousand feet below the earth surface.  Under its own pressure the fluid flows through its well towards the earth’s surface where it can be used to generate electricity through geothermal power plants .

As the superheated fluid travels, the pressure lessens causing a small amount to become steam. Together the hot fluid and steam moves through a surface pipeline to a well head separator where the pressure is reduced. Here most of the fluid vaporizes and flashes into high pressure steam.  Any fluid not flashed into steam move to a standard crystallizer to produce standard pressure steam.  Remaining fluid is then flashed at lower pressure to create low pressure steam.

All steam created in the plant is sent to a turbine on site.  The force of the steam spins the turbine blades which turn the shafts connected to electrical generator.  An electrical charge is created and directed to a transformer where the voltage is increased and send down power lines.  Any fluid not flashed into steam returns to underground reservoir where in time they will be reheated and reused.


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