Here is a video reporting from NBC Today shows the sustainable green energy from cow power.



Methane gas is the natural product of cow manure.  Each cow produce 90 pounds of manure,  450 thousand pounds of cow poo daily over 160 million pounds per year.  These cows can produce a lot of methane green house gas,  twenty one times more powerful than carbon dioxide.  Methane gas from cow account for 20% green house gas

What this company, Joseph Gallow Farms, does with the methane gas from the cow poo is amazing.  The company invested in Methane Digester machine.  Methane Digesters capture methane gas and convert into green energy electricity and saving huge electricity bill.

According to Mike Gallo, CEO of Joseph Gallo Farms , saves  thousands of dollars a day in electricity bill.  It reduces carbon emission and provides green energy which is good for the environment.  The electricity they generated is about 700 kilo watt –hours of energy which is enough to power 200 plus homes.

Perhaps more companies should invest in this type of technology to reduce carbon emission as the same time reduce the electricity bill.



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