Do you want to know more about green energy opitons so that you can make your home run on eco-friendly sources.

Through the years of different types of pollution, the Earth is now showing signs of its weakness and possible ending. Thus, there are now so many ways you could be green. “Being green” is now synonymous with finding ways that could alleviate the status of the environment. Are you interested in taking part in this cause? Your first step could be getting to know the green energy options available these days.

But first things first – what is green energy? Green energy pertains to the sources of electricity that are renewable and clean. It comes from the natural sources such as the sun, wind and water. These alternative sources of power could provide you and the environment myriads of advantages.

Now here is another question you might ask, “Why would you want it?” The mode of producing the power from these natural sources is very efficient and cost effective. Compared with traditional power plants run by coals and fuels, the rate of kilowatt per hour in respect to cents is much cheaper when using green energy sources. The maintenance is far easier too since the sources are ever-present and free.

Another advantage of using this kind of energy is that you could even be rewarded with federal tax credits. Especially in the US, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have worked on the program Energy Star, which provides homeowners and entrepreneurs with rebates when they use green energy and energy efficient appliances and equipment.

Here are the top green energy options available for both small homes and big establishments:

Solar energy – this kind of power could be produced with the use of photovoltaic solar panels. These come in different sizes with corresponding capacity or power storage. They basically gather the rays of the sun, which they convert into electricity. They could be installed right on the roof of a building.

Wind energy – this type of energy could be generated through installing wind turbines. These devices are often found in farmlands and ranches. On the other hand, they are shifting into home use as well.

Hydropower or water energy – this one also runs via the use of turbines. These could work well with areas near mountain streams or areas where rainfall is frequent.

In some parts of the world such as in the US and the UK, there are power plants that run on any of these energy sources. These heavily rival the existing traditional power plants that are coal or fossil fuel-fed. These large scale power generators can provide energy to an entire community power grid.

Aside from these three energy options, you could further the energy efficiency in your home through using energy-efficient appliances. As was said, the Energy Star provides rewards for individuals purchasing green alternatives. Approach your local energy department for further details about the rebates available in your area.

There are so many green energy options as indicated here. Consider each option and pick out the best that will fit your needs and location. In the long run, you will find that having green energy running in your home is the best decision you could make for your sake and the environment’s.


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