We currently live in a beautiful world with a huge variety of plants and animals. However, over the past one hundred years a lot of damage has been done and the atmosphere has become very polluted. One big reason for this is the use of fossil fuels used primarily for electricity consumption, and we need to look at green energy technology if we want to stop damaging the environment anymore than we already have.

Acid rain is one such result of the burning of fossil fuels. The reason for this is that they release sulphur dioxide into the air. Once this gas is in the air it dissolves in droplets of moisture and produces what is called acid rain, and this kills trees and plants. Not only does it kill trees and plants but it harms wildlife in lakes too. The burning of fossil fuels also has an effect on climate change and global warming.

Every decade because gas is released in the atmosphere the world’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate. For all the species (plants and animals) to survive on earth, we need to use less fossil fuels and use more green technology. We can harness the power of the elements by using solar, wind and water energy to power our world.

The best place to look at for green energy technology is the sun because most of our energy comes from the sun. It is actually fair to say that the sun generates more energy than the people of this earth would be able to use in 30 years. Pretty remarkable really, yet we continue to use kilowatts of electricity a year generated from fossil fuels. The sun has always provided enough energy for all life on earth to exist comfortably.

Currently solar energy is used in the form of solar energy collectors on roofs. These black solar panels work by absorbing and collecting solar energy and converting it to electricity. Water is heated and then circulates through specially designed coils that transfer the heat into tanks so that it can be used as a hot water system. Solar collectors are also used to heat the water in outdoor swimming pools.

Technology is currently being developed to produce electricity for whole households, not just for hot water systems. The way this works is that the solar thermal collectors can heat water enough to turn it into steam, which is then used to run turbines that generate electricity. Scientists are doing all they can with green energy technology so that people can start using renewable energy over that of non-renewable energy.

The problems that energy providers are facing now in terms of green energy technology is that how much energy a household uses needs to be determined. An average household will tend to use 20kw/h per day, but by making use of green technology this can be cut down to little over 5kw/h per day. At the moment it is too difficult to use all green energy resources but the fossil fuels used could be reduced by about 75% and this is optimal at the moment. In the future it could be possible to not use any fossil fuels at all. It is best to make small changes to our energy use when we can, because it is only then that we can see the bigger picture.

Here is a video about the Tyree green energy technology research centre.



The green energy technology research center at the University of New South Wales, Sydney , Australia , has the vision of ramping up sustainable energy infrastructure in the future for Australia.  The main aim of this research center is to find better ways of providing energy for the living standard of the developed countries and at the same time provides energy to billions of people in the developing countries who are still without power for basic necessities.


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