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In this video, Susan Doherty revealed that there are a lot of things that you can do in your life daily to help reduce global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint. According to the statistic, American use 25% of world resources even though American has 5% of world populations.

Here are some of the actions she suggested that you can take every day:

In the home

  • Home energy audit is a good way to check any leaking of air and make your home energy more efficient
  • Turn off the unused appliances if not in use because they do suck up energy.
  • Use power strip that you can turn off the power once and for all .  You can save energy and utility bills.
  • Change to florescent light bulb or energy saving light which are good for homes and plants.  They last 10 times longer and lower energy cost.

Go green in kitchen

  • Eat Locally.  In that way you are supporting the local farmer and keep money within the community at the same time.  It is also good for economic stimulation.  If you are eating food that travel from other countries, there are large fossil fuel footprint associated with the transport.
  • According to statistic, the American drink 8 billion gallons of water, use 1.5million barrels of oil per year and are dependent of other country’s fuel resources.  Lets try to reduce them.
  • There are 22 billion empty plastic bottles used each year.  To reduce the empty bottles to landfill, it is better to have filter water to fill out the bottles and save money.
  • Instead of  throwing plastic bags away after use only once there are bag drier to dry the plaster bags for reuse.  You can purchase the bag drier stand from the store.

Bathroom and laundry

  • Replace your shower head with low flow shower head and low flush toilet to use less water.
  • Use the clothes drier back to back so that you still have the heat from previous load.
  • Always do full load of washing every time and the same as dish washer to save energy.

In the yard

  • Use your rack to rack up the leaves instead of leaf blower.  It is good for your environment and good for your wallet.  Besides that you will loose weight with that racking exercises.  Are you aware that one hour of gas leaf blower energy used producing green house gas is the same amount as a car producing that are driving 4400 miles?
  • Car roof rack adds resistant to the car and reduces fuel efficiency and raises gas cost.
  • Plant a tree as there are many benefits. It cuts down carbon dioxide emissions, shades, cools your place in summer.

Earth Hour

Do you know that during Earth Hour in Sydney Australia 2007, homes and businesses turn off their light just for one hour.  According to the statistic, that hour reduces energy consumption by 10.2% equivalent to taking 48000 cars off the road for one year.  Lets take action and turn off light when it is not being used.

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