Do It Yourself Solar Panels

Solar PanelSolar energy have long been the best alternative source of renewable energy. Multi-national companies have built complex structures of solar panels to compensate their energy consumption. It is amazing that we are able to convert energy from the sunlight to electricity for our homes usage using solar panels. In relation to this, normal people now have the capacity to make their own solar panel system right at home.

Building a solar panel seems to be a difficult job to do for someone who is not a handyperson, but it shouldn’t be.  For those who love some fun and desire to have an alternative power source would like to have a go.  Although the technology is new,  it is much easier to learn how to build solar panels when you are presented with step by step instructions.  You do not need to study any theory or design. All you need is a little bit of basic carpentry skills and eager to learn.

If you also like to save money and help to reduce the environmental pollution of carbon, you might like to consider learning to build your own solar panels at home. It does not require much outlay. In this article you will learn how to assemble your very own solar panel in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Buy all the needed materials: In any project, the materials that you will need are always the first thing that you need to consider. Building your own solar panel requires you to buy your own solar cells, some wires, and wood, glass and nails for your frame. The most essential part of this process is the selection of solar cells because it is an integral part of the solar panel. It would be best to use mono crystalline solar cells because they are easy to find in the market and easy to setup for beginners such as yourself.  You can always source the materials in your local home improvement store and they are also available at eBay or Amazon stores.

Step 2- Setting up your Solar cells: To create an effective solar panel, the solar cells needs to be connected in such a way that they are maximized based on the power they produce. For example 36 3×6 inch solar cell would produce 18 volts of electricity and this is ideal for charging household used 12 volts batteries at home. In setting up your solar cells all you need to do is to connect them in a series with minimal wires if possible so as to minimize losses in terms of voltage and electricity.

Step 3 – Building the Solar Panel Frame: The frame will serve as the protective casing of the solar panel ones it is brought outside to collect energy from the sun. The best way to construct your frame is by carefully measuring the size of your solar panel so that it would fit perfectly in the frame. By doing this, you can also ensure the safety of your solar panel inside the frame. The frame is molded based on the actual size and should be made of wood.

The next thing you will do after making the molding is carefully measuring the protective glass cover of your solar panel frame. This ensures that all areas of the molding is covered so to avoid damage to your delicate solar panel. The cover also affects greatly the amount of solar energy produced because it ensures that all areas of the solar panel are radiated by the sun’s glare.

After doing the above steps, it is ready for you to assemble the solar panel together with its frame. To get the maximum solar energy during the day, make sure that the solar panels are installed where there are sun all day.

Solar power is not only cheap power but it is also good for the environment and easily accessible in this universe.  It is one of the options of green energy which is renewable and clean.  The initiatives you take now will have a lot of impact on our environment and help save the planet for our future generations.

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