According to the statistic, Australians remain the second highest producers of garbage in the world and spend 5.2 billions dollars a year on food we buy but don’t eat.  How can I make a difference to the environment?   One way I can do to reduce the rubbish is to compost my kitchen waste.  So I begin to learn how to compost.   Composting is a good way to reduce the waste and good for the environment.

I have found this is a helpful video explaining about how to make compost.


You can use compost bins, compost tumbler or compost pile in your garden for your composting.  I was given a compost bin from my local council who has encouraged us to protect our environment by composting our kitchen waste.  So I began my journey of learning how to make compost.  To make a good compost, you need the right ingredients in the mix of green and brown materials.

Green materials are fruits peels, vegetables, grass cuttings, plants cuttings and they are quick to rot and right moisture.  These materials are also high in nitrogen.

Cardboard, autumn leaves, egg carton, scrunch up papers, egg shells are considered brown materials which are slow to rot. They provide fibre and air pocket.   Egg shells contain mineral which are good for the soil.

The following things are never to put into the compost:

  • Meat, cheese, dog or cat food, diseased plants, no cook food and baby nappies as they can create bad odor.
  • No weed, thistle or dandelion because of the seeds

The right balance of green and brown materials will make a good compost. If it is too wet, add brown and add green materials if it is too dry.

Air is important for the composting.  Without oxygen the micro-organisms will die and the compost will start to smell.  To create pocket of air, add some cardboard or use a fork aereator.

If the compost has been taken care of with the right balance of brown and green materials and the correct amount of wetness, the compost will be ready in six to eight weeks’ time.

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