Thermal imaging camera can  be used to detect whether the building/home is energy efficient or any energy leakage due to poor insulation.  It can also detect any water damage on roofs.

Nowadays people are more conscious of reducing energy consumption. Building inspector has been using thermal imaging camera when building new houses or doing renovations. It is not only detect the energy leakage, it also used to check water leaks, electrical hazard,  reduce energy cost.

Energy efficient building reduce dust, moisture and pests reducing allergens, mold and dust mites.  So it is a good idea to have your building audited for energy efficiency and you can save money as well as to reduce carbon footprint.

Business buildings are also benefited using the thermal imaging camera to  identifying hidden hotspots in electrical systems and potential hazards.  It helps to reduce business interruption, minimise machinery breakdown and reduce high energy bills at the same time.

Filed under: Green Energy Audit

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