What is organic gardening?  Organic gardening is when you are growing fruits and vegetables with nature without any chemicals added during the planting so that less harm done to us and the environment.  We will be healthier and maintain a sustainable safe environment for our future generations.

Why do we want an organic vegetable garden?  Fruits and vegetables produced from an organic garden are the best, fresh, taste better, nutritious and full of vitamins and antioxidants.  Besides getting fresh and nutritious organic food from your garden, you are also being active and form part of your exercises.

Mr Scott Meyer, editor of the organic gardening magazine, explains in the above video  how you can start an organic garden with a couple of tools from your local hardware store or garden supplies.  You do not need fancy expensive tools or a big machine.

The basic tools required are:

  • Wooden pegs to mark how big the area you want
  • Hammer
  • Garden fork- to loosen the soil
  • Sharp edge spade to dig the soil
  • Rope to join the pegs together for your marking

First you need to locate a small area about 4 feet  x 8 feet or 12 meters x 24 meters where you want to grow your garden vegetables.  You need  about 8-10 hours full sun for summer crops for maximum result.  Make sure the area you have chosen have good drainage so that water doesn’t sit there when it rains.

You can start your own garden organic with compost or organic soil either you make them or purchase them from the nursery or garden supplies.  When planting vegetables, you can either grow from seeds or seedling purchased from the nurseries.

Here are a few important organic garden tips for you:

  • Nursing the microorganisms in the soil is important as the plants are fed by the micro organisms.
  • Mulching is essential to prevent the weeds growing and soil drying up.  It also conserves water from drying up.  Grass cutting, straws and leaves are used as mulches.
  • Practice crop rotation to ensure the soil is always fertile.
  • Grow companion plants to get rid of some of the insects. Garlic water spray is also good to chase away some insects in your vegetable garden.
  • Don’t grow too much of one type of crop at one time.  Always put in small amount of the organic seeds or seedlings every three to four weeks.  In that way you will have constant supply of vegetables.

Hope you enjoy being an organic gardener as much as I do.  Let’s have  green living with eco-friendly organic vegetable garden.




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