This is a video about renewable energy program for the women in Mali.  It has started in the country side promoting clean energy. Here are some information about the women in Mali using the program to meet the country’s energy need while protecting environment at the same time.


Many women there left old job of forest chopping and start community nursery plant project instead. Now the forest is regrowing and nursery planting is not as much hard work as chopping the tree down.

This renewable energy program is receiving financial and technical assistant from Mali government energy project backed by the World Bank.

Renewable energy management have 874000 hectares placed on community groups. Mali women contribute to sustainable supply of wood fuel prominent for cooking and heating.

Renewable energy program have made a safer place for thousands of women and children around the country. Cooking fumes are major problems around the world. They get sick or die annually. Improving cooking stoves prevent the carbon monoxide poisoning fumes. There are a lot of carbon monoxide being produced from traditional cooking and heating method. With this program, they are preserving the forest and at the same time protecting women and children.

Renewable energy program in Mali also promoting solar energy. The recently built solar power station in Kimbanara provides nearly 9000 household, businesses and institution with light. They are able to generate enough electricity from the solar energy for the business owners.



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