Two sources of energy power coming from natural resources that are being utilized vastly by the world today are solar energy and wind energy. Both are “green” energy sources connoting that they are not harmful to the environment.

In the early days, ships, sailboats, and other water transport use wind power to traverse the seas and big rivers. This was the first type of making use of the wind to propel motion on a wider scale. Kites were not only used for recreational purposes. These were used as prototypes for the next generation aircraft. Windmills were also availing of the power of wind that, until this day, wind turbines that generate electrical power based the same principles in physics about force, energy, and motion. Windmills use mechanical machines to pump water and irrigate fields planted to crops. Later on, wind pumps were used to fuel steam locomotives. Today, wind power is used to generate electricity and many well-developed countries have saved money from buying crude oil to power electrical plants.

Comparatively, solar power has been harnessed by man for thousands of years already in almost the same length of time that wind power was also used. In the ancient times, man used solar power as natural source of heating in cold places. The Sun has been worshipped as a deity providing life and livelihood for farmers, fishermen and other craftsmen. Solar power to dry clay and other molding materials from the ground made possible the creation by man of useful household articles and decorative pieces of chinaware.


Interestingly, though, the optimal use of solar and wind power has been in focus only in the 20th century when man started to feel the depletion of natural resources. Man started to find ways to replace other energy sources and not to be depended on non-renewable energy resources like crude oil for running electricity-generating stations. With the rising costs of fuel, many people scramble for alternative sources of fuel to run motor vehicles. While there had been some inventions for electrically-powered cars using car batteries, there is an ongoing research to improve on solar-powered cars.

Yet, the battle for supremacy continues between the “green” energy and the well-established oil-based energy. Due to globalization, the big countries are able to dictate the trend of economic development. In the process then, countries with weaker economies have to depend on oil-producing countries.

Fortunately, the campaign for saving the Earth against wasteful sources of energy like the oil-based energy sources is gaining success. Scientists all over the world are also concerned about climate change. Instead of using petroleum to keep people dry and warm in cold countries, there has been an increase in the interest and usage of solar panels to keep people warm inside their homes.

You can contribute to the campaign to save Mother Earth by using more of the inventions geared towards utilizing solar and wind power. Consumption for fossil-based energy sources is now decreasing as more and more governments are inclined to use alternative sources such as solar energy and wind energy.


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