Green Energy Audit – Is It at All Necessary and Helpful to People and the Environment?

Going green is now more than just a cause for the tree huggers. It has been a worldwide initiative since the problems of the environment, in form of climate change or global warming, are becoming more noticeable. Among these eco friendly initiatives is using renewable sources of energy. Consequently, the need for extensive green energy audit is as well rising.

Energy Auditing – What It Is and Its Advantages

First of all, this practice is regarded important as a way to make out how much energy is utilized or is lost in a home or an establishment on a given time frame. It can be implemented by the owner of the home as long as he has the right tools and background regarding this matter. On the other hand, there are also professional auditors one can hire to do the job.

Doing energy auditing in one’s home presents varied advantages. One is due to the increasing need for energy efficiency. Through this mechanism, a person could easily detect the level of efficiency of a particular green energy source (or more) utilized in generating electricity for a home or establishment. Should there be any component dysfunctional as reflected in the audit results, it could easily be addressed.

In addition, the government itself has programs that encourage energy auditing for homes and business establishments. This encouragement is as reflected in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the rebate program Home Star Program. These persuade individuals to subject their electricity consumption to auditing in order to determine which building upgrades should be given attention to, such as energy-efficient windows, insulation among others.

On a larger scale, the auditing could help reduction of energy dependence from foreign sources. The appropriate measures could be employed and budgeted right away for the more fitting national distribution of green energy basing on the results of the energy audit.

Possibility of Having a Green Energy Audit Career

In the US alone, there are currently more than 130 million homes that are in need of updates about their respective energy efficiency. Thus, the demand for energy auditors could be really high. Should you be interested in this career path, you would only have to take the classes for a brief period of time and after you have completed the course, you are already eligible to do energy auditing.

There are online training and certification programs you can take part in to become a learned energy auditor. These training providers offer courses that tackle understanding electricity bills, lighting efficiency, heating, venting and air conditioning or HVAC, appliances, insulation and conservation of other energy sources in a particular building. Make sure that you would only take a training course from a reputable company and whose certification program is duly recognized and endorsed by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Whether you want to employ your own green energy audit or take advantage of a career in such field, know that this is an immensely important factor in making the environment and your home a whole lot better.


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