Many people ask themselves the question, “What is nuclear energy?”  The most simple definition is that nuclear energy is energy that is created either naturally or man-made in a nuclear reaction.  There are proponents of it as well as people who believe that using nuclear energy should be stopped.

Nuclear energy is the atomic energy that is created whether by man-made or natural reactions in a nuclear reaction.  Nuclear energy has been discovered for a very long time by now but its undeniable power has caused many to oppose it.  Yet, nuclear energy has great potential to help people all over the world.

In learning about the question, “what is nuclear power?” it is important to understand that it can be used as a replacement for coal as fuel.  Likewise, it may also be used as a replacement fuel for oil.  Both of these types of fuel are limited on the Earth and are ever more becoming scarce.  Nuclear power is a practical alternative to these two limited fuel options.

When it comes to the amount of fuel needed to provide electricity for instance, nuclear energy requires far less fuel.  Oil and coal need a great deal of fuel to create the necessary electricity that humans require to establish a basic and good quality of life.  It is a good benefit that nuclear energy requires far less to accomplish the same goal.

To understand more about the how the nuclear energy plant works, here is a video explaining it.


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